Hi there!

My name is Pieter Beekman. I'm a frontend developer from the Netherlands working for Dekbed-Discounter.nl. Born in 1984, happily married, loving HTML, CSS and JS. Also a big fan of hybrid apps, especially the Ionic Framework. When my laptop is turned off, I love playing board- / retro games (Nintendo), watch football (Manchester United), series and movies.

Tech blogs

I love blogging about frontend related topics. It's great to share your knowledge with other developers. Currently, I'm blogging for Nowdigital, in Dutch. My last 3 articles are:

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Boardgame blogs

In december '15 my wife Kim and me created a new Dutch blog about boardgames Bordganzen. We review boardgames and other stuff that's related to the boardgame hobby. A couple of my blogs are:

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Hybrid apps

When you know frontend, it's a small step to start creating hybrid apps. I'm a big fan of the Ionic framework and created dozens of prototype apps, just for fun. Since march 2016 I registered a Google Developer Account to build apps and place them in the Playstore.

My first app in the store is PiechaKucha. A simple timing app that helps you to keep in track with your Pecha Kucha slides.

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